Using Intercom to gain Customer Feedback

Regularly I am asked to take a look at a page or series of pages to improve the Customer Experience.  However often the task is the opinion of a product owner and not a request of the customer.

For me, gaining customer feedback is the first part of the process. It may back up the opinion of the Product Owner but its likely that the customer is struggling with a different part of the process and the task needs to be refocused. At MuddyBoots the customer is not always the user of the product. The customer is a company manager who purchases the application for their staff and i needed to communicate with that end user and preferably whilst they’re using the application.

My research lead me to Intercom, an in product communication tool that has clever features enabling messages to be personalised, timely and relevant. This was how I presented the new Dashboard ideas to Customers before MuddyBoots committed time and resources to coding them.

A timely message appears on screen informing users of the redesign and they can choose to see a sneak peek of the screens and provide their feedback. The wording is important as customers are providing their time and insights for free. As well as the message users can submit how they feel about this communication by clicking on a happy, neutral or sad face behind the message. These are recorded so we can approach customers who are consistently unhappy to discuss their concerns or issues.

Intercom also provides statistics of the customer feedback message. It shows how many people have viewed the message, clicked through to the survey and if they are Happy, Sad or Neutral. The results of the survey are for a separate discussion but Intercom was a successful method in connecting me to the users and ask them for their views on our product whilst using it.


You can read my Intercom Overview presentation to show the benefits of using it at MuddyBoots.

Skills Used
  • Photoshop
  • UI Design
  • Intercom
  • Customer Research